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"We don't even know what happened," Wade said. "I'm not going to lie to you and say we do. I can't remember all the plays. … We came out of a timeout believing if we get stops, we can give ourselves an opportunity. That's all I remember.

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"This game is a little bit emblematic of a lot of things we've gone through this season," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "There hasn't been a whole lot that's been normal or traditional."

The Big 3 accounted for the final 33 points — all 26 in the fourth quarter — Bobby Orr Authentic Jersey to do that, and Wade and James scored 16 of the Heat's final 18 points.

"Defense. Staying together," is how James described the comeback, as incredible as it was improbable. Custom Vancouver Canucks Jersey "We've been in these situations before, where we've been Custom Bruins Jersey down in the fourth quarter. We just buckled down."

James led Bruins Jersey the Heat with 28 points, an ailing Boston Bruins Jersey Wade (left shoulder) added 21 and Bosh chipped in with 20 and 10 rebounds.

For the longest stretch, it looked like both teams were headed back Alexandre Burrows Jersey to Miami for Game 6. The Bulls were cruising and led 77-65 with 3:12 left in the fourth quarter. Point Bobby Orr Authentic Jersey guard and MVP Derrick Rose (25 points) was in control, the Bruins Jersey Bulls Alexandre Burrows Jersey had received contributions from many and Chicago looked like it was going to hold the Heat to their lowest point total of the postseason.

But as Spoelstra said, "Even during the postseason, a lot of things now don't rattle us. … And we Vancouver Canucks Jersey just continue to remind ourselves in huddles that there's a lifetime left in the game."

And so the Heat, who dominated the closing minutes of their four victories against the Bulls, went on an unbelievable run.

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For Wade, it was a repeat of his Game 4 performance, when he struggled for most of the Authentic Canucks Jersey game but came alive when it mattered. Through three quarters Thursday, he had 11 points on 2-of-8 shooting and committed nine turnovers.

    PHOTO GALLERY: Best Authentic Bruins Jersey images from the NBA playoffs
    SCHEDULE: Complete matchups, dates and results

"I'm a person who really believes that other people give you confidence," Wade said. "When Alexandre Burrows Jersey LeBron threw me back the ball, after Authentic Alexandre Burrows Jersey me struggling so much, I was like, 'Well, I have Bobby Orr Jersey Authentic to make something happen.' "

Wade scored eight of his 10 fourth-quarter points in Customized Bruins Jersey the final Customized Bruins Jersey 3:03.

"He's got a Bobby Orr Jersey Authentic different makeup Vancouver Canucks Jersey inside of him that he's able to rise up to the occasion regardless of what's happening during the course of the game," Spoelstra said. "He's proven that so many times, where he has struggled for a game or even part of a game. When it's winning time, there's really not many players that are better than him in the last two minutes."

James is proving to be a fine finisher, too. He scored nine of Personalized Canucks Jersey his 12 fourth-quarter points in the final 3:36. For good measure, he blocked Canucks Jersey Rose's three-point attempt at the buzzer.

"This postseason has been a good run for myself as far as being able to close games," James said. "But I've done it in the past. It's just Customized Canucks Jersey the Authentic Bobby Orr Jersey thing when you fail in late-game situations, those are the ones Bobby Orr Jersey that people remember. They don't even remember the ones when you do well.

"I've just got to keep being put in those situations and Authentic Alexandre Burrows Jersey not be afraid to fail."

Bulls center Personalized Bruins Jersey Joakim Noah Alexandre Burrows Authentic Jersey said: "They are Hollywood as hell, but they are very good."

The Bulls lost the last four Alexandre Burrows Jersey Authentic after not losing more than two in a row during their NBA-best 62-20 regular season. It's Custom Boston Bruins Jersey a tough end to an outstanding season under first-year coach Tom Thibodeau.

"It's Bobby Orr Jersey disappointing but I thought our team played hard all year. We came up short at the end," Thibodeau said. "We have to learn from it Personalized Bruins Jersey and come back next year."

Rose struggled in the fourth quarter of Chicago's four losses as the Heat's defensive intensity, especially on him, Canucks Jersey increased.

He made 2-of-9 shots in the fourth quarter Thursday, just one in the final 10 minutes and committed two turnovers that the Heat converted into four points in the Personalized Canucks Jersey final 2:40. He also missed a free throw that would have tied the Boston Bruins Jersey game at Custom Bruins Jersey 81 with 26.7 seconds left in the fourth.

The Bulls made just 1-of-4 shots during the Heat's 18-3 run.

Noah (five points, eight rebounds) and forward Carlos Boozer Canucks Jersey (five points, Authentic Bruins Jersey six rebounds) did not play a second in the fourth quarter. Instead, backup Custom Vancouver Canucks Jersey center Kurt Thomas and backup forward Taj Gibson played the entire fourth.

A disappointed Rose blamed himself for Chicago's collapse.

"Everything is on me. Turnovers, missed shots, fouls," he said.

The crushing loss and ending left Alexandre Burrows Jersey Authentic Rose looking forward to next season.

"I'm going to get Authentic Alexandre Burrows Jersey better. I'm not worried about that," he said."If anything, this is going to make me hungry."

James and Wade plan on seeing Rose and the Bulls in future playoffs.

"We will," Wade said.

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