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True freedom
(Eef Barzelay)

If I was a poet or maybe a king
Then I could explain to you how my heart sings
Whenever I look in your eyes

A humming bird trapped in my chest I would say
is just how it felt on that glorious day
when I first saw you

Together we’ll know true freedom
From all earthly constraints
Dissolving brilliant bright colors
In the picture god paints

Thanks, Eef.

Posted by: icalzada.2008/01/30 20:48:25.381 GMT+1
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offer and group-buying websites.

According to Nielsen, two-thirds of on the net New Zealanders now obtain
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The Canterbury/Westland area posted the strongest growth, increasing 0.7
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at a record-low 34.4.

The company sector's overall performance was in collection with
manufacturing, matching a comparable carry out result inside the overall
 performance of production index (PMI), released last week, which showed
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 - even in rugby, they claim.

For a start, delivery costs are ordinarily overlooked. The connect
delivery cost from worldrugbyshop.com to New Zealand, for example, could
 possibly be considered a whopping US$77.93.

And since it happened, the neighborhood outcry coincided using the brand
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