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The Isolationist, on the other hand, bears the sound of its name. It is a Jack London story, a Robert Frost poem, and Inuit cocktail. It’s a lost dog in a snowy forest – scared and lonely, icy crystals encasing the course strands of its matted fur, crackling timbers echoing through the endless wooded matrix in no certain direction. Listen to this arctic gem – a single cherry ember flickering defiantly against the boreal winds, and know what it’s like to live in Minnesota, that liberal hell-basket that hangs from Ontario’s chode like a frozen dingleberry.

Please take a listen to We Are the Elite from the EP of the same name, and while you are at it check out Left Handed Breathing from Isolationist EP. Both EPs are available on iTunes, Amazon, or even better (and cheaper) our online store.

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