2008/01/05 12:31:43.104 GMT+1

Live/Zuzenean Today/Gaur: DOKA Donostiako Kafe Antzokia.

Yesterday, rehearsaling with H.Cano. It was very productive. Good mood, as usual.

At the moment, updating and connecting everything. A pleassure being in Donostia, hometown. ;)
Gero arte. C u later.

Posted by: icalzada.2008/01/05 12:31:43.104 GMT+1
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What about SS concert? everything OK? In the last minute there was no possible to go to DOKA to see you. Hope people claps a lot and you enjoy the venue.

Posted by: loveof74.2008/01/09 16:06:44.662 GMT+1

hi, pozik? does life treat you well? i hope so. to be honest, i thought in doka as one of the best venues in ss. mainly, because apart from the acoustic and the sound (which is, in my opinion, fair enough)... i love the venues that could provide you the space for creating a "club" or "low intensity" atmosphere...So, i could not telling you anything about the music itself...but i guess the technician (ibon...good for u, ibon) did a good work...But I could talk to you about the atmosphere...which i think, I got just to feel the way I would like to feel in front of the audience, nice atmosphere even if it's really cold. Nice gig! Really nice.
And even more in our lovely Donostia! sometimes very difficult to get low intensity atmosphere in a venue. Mainly, I wanted to think, because we r not get used to it!
(;) you missed barzelay's version. thanks eef!.)
c u pozik. hug.

Posted by: ftf.2008/01/15 12:48:19.892 GMT+1

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